Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Broken Heart Mega (Music Album 2012)

This is the first album of ''Mr.Sam Ali'' (Vocalist,Writer,Musician).Complete biography is available on internet about this artist.

Music Released:
This album contains ten tracks which are released and available for listen.However the songs are not available for sell or download but still you can listen them and enjoy them.This album really sounds like famous musicians albums do.Because the composition in the songs from this album is too much awesome.Every person Who visited have liked it.More details about track written below:
You can click the track to watch the YouTube Videos from the Official Channel of BHM (Broken Heart Mega)   .Or You can visit these link to listen them at MySpace ,Facebook Fan Page, Soundcloud or some other site like MTV, GrooveShark etc.
 The name of the ten songs released from this album are:

  1. If I 'll Ever Come Back
  2. Hope
  3. Gone Away
  4. Time To Get Up Now
  5. Dream Of You
  6. Suffocate
  7. One More Chance
  8. Winter Days
  9. I Wrote This Song
  10. Feel
  We will add a buy button to this blog for the purchase link of the songs by Mr.Sam Ali when the link will be leaked.Till then keep listening and enjoy them all.

What will be the Next Album in 2013..?? 
I'm thinking to add the answer of this question too because we have found in some comments that people are asking of next album when it will be released.We don't know exact about it but if we focus the recent interview of "Mr.Sam Ali" its release date is JUNE 2013 according to the artist.Artist also have told in his interview that the name of album will be "Destroyed Citizen".
Hope This Blog I have created along with my team of Vol Studio you'll like.Best Regards from me..!!

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